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“The NJROPE Depot is a subsidiary part of NJROPE Paranormal.  Our store is brought to you with the intention of educating and providing the essentials to aid in the development of ones metaphysical qualities in their lives.  We are proud to present to you with a wide selection of membership assembled handmade crafts in addition to many other items which will serve your psychic protection needs.  The best part…..We deliver it to your doorstep.  Thank you for taking the time to have a look.

NJROPE Paranormal

NJROPE is a RESEARCH and RESOLUTIONS team. We are a very active team of investigators which has been serving since 2009 and averages 70 or more cases a year. One of our teams are always ready to assist you and our local and surrounding communities. We also deal with perceived negative haunts.

We have combined efforts with Evolution Paranormal which is now the historical research division of our group. Together the combined teams will not only assist our private clients, but will also provide assistance for the multitude of historical locations which we all hold dear to our hearts.