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How did we first start making soap? Well it was a very easy decision to make. I was wondering around a grocery store while my wife was shopping. Low and behold I saw the strangest thing, unwrapped bars of soap. Me being the curious kind of guy that I am I’ll check it out. My first thought was “Who would use a handmade soap? It’s not even in a box.” However after staring at all the naked soap, I found a lemon scented one with lemon peel in it. I loved the smell of it. I think this was what got me thinking about how I hated commercial soap. Bar soap, liquid soap it didn’t matter, I could not stand them. I never felt clean after using them. So how much worse could this unwrapped great smelling bar be. After leaving it sit around the house for a few days I finally tried it. And guess what? I felt clean, cleaner then commercial soaps. That was the last time I used a commercial soap.